The Project Group

Our Project Group is designed along project implementation lines in order that responsibilities for the various stages of the project implementation are clearly defined and carried out effectively by staff experienced in that function.
The group usually comprises of people from engineering department, operations, logistics and business development. This structure enables simultaneous civil and electrical installations to take place across the project sites while maintaining high standard of quality. There is a project manager whose duty is to synchronize sub groups together and ensure that the project is implemented on schedule and the quality of the installation meets the specified standards.

Site Visits

The operations unit sends engineers to perform the necessary and careful site surveys. These site surveys are complied into a site and environmental impact assessment reports which are submitted to customers for review and agreement in order to permit the opportunity to make changes where necessary.

Project management and Implementation

The overall responsibility for ensuring the project is implemented on schedule and the quality of installation meets specified standards rests with the project manager.
The project manager maintains control of the project from the first day of launch, managing timely completion of activities at all stages and he reports to the customer every week on progress and activities associated with the project.
Upon completion of the project, necessary tests will be performed prior to final commissioning. Following commissioning, a witness will be required to authenticate and the customer will be asked to sign off on the project indicating that it is acceptable.


The Technical support is handled by the combined team of highly skilled and technically committed staff and engineers headed by our Chief Technical Officer and he reports directly to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer.
The Chief Technical Officer is in charge of customer services and Contract execution and administration. He and has a considerable experience in the field of Engineering and also in technical support and maintenance services.
The Chief Technical Officer has some able bodied lieutenants with good credentials and working experience they include the Field Engineers, I.T officers, Logistics Manager and the Project Accountant.
He is also committed 100% to Quality in every stage of Implementation, vets quantity and quality of materials for installation and what have you.