Policy Statement


All employees of CeBIT Park Limited are guided by our Quality Policy in all decisions and actions on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide the following:

  • A product, service, or solution which meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.
  • Conscientious, responsive, and professional sales and marketing efforts.
  • A highly trustworthy and ethical work environment that provides long-term employment, development, and growth for all employees.
  • Continuous improvement in all that we do.

The management of CeBIT Park Limited realizes that success in the future depends upon achieving these goals by:

  • Promoting a work ethic which is predicated upon safety and quality first.
  • Promoting “Engineering Excellence” via the usage of the best engineering and design practices and processes.
  • Providing all employees with the training and tools necessary to perform their job in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Providing the necessary resources and personal support required for successful implementation of Quality Management System and Quality Objectives.
  • CeBIT Park Limited will not compromise the integrity of our products and services in an attempt to satisfy short-term goals.

We are committed to long-term growth, profitability and employment of our personnel and will achieve this utilizing a business approach that takes into account the needs of all our stakeholders (e.g., employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and the environment) and which encompasses an attitude of “Quality First.”


CeBIT Park Limited will undertake to:

  • Endeavor in all that we do, to hold the highest regard for the environment.
  • Support the use of energy efficient methods of construction and energy efficient materials.
  • Promote `best practice` and support environmental measures at all levels within the company and to minimize where necessary, the potential of any environmental damage that may be caused by our operation.
  • Maintain awareness of environmental legislation and ensure effective communication to all our staff.
  • Conduct environmental audits to ensure that the risk of environmental pollution is minimized.
  • Achieve high standards of site cleanliness and endeavor to minimize and reduce any nuisance as a result of our site operations.
  • Reinstate sites and working areas to their former conditions, by removing and disposing of waste in strict compliance with statutory requirements and codes of procedures.
  • he site supervisor(s) will ensure that all subcontractors allocate sufficient resources to keep the site in a clean and orderly state.

The foregoing objectives are an integral part of the operating procedures of midland construction. Senior management will pursue these objectives with all staff throughout the company and continuously strive to develop and enhance these goals.


CeBIT Park Limited complies with the regulations as set out required by all current legislation. CeBIT Park also recognizes that methodical planning and efficient execution are directly associated with good safety management.


  • We have a safety statement, and a health and safety plan for every site and we follow the provisions set out therein.
  • We co-ordinate the implementation of our safety plan to all site personnel and we subscribe to principles of prevention.
  • We organize co-operation between sub contractors on site with weekly site meetings and work to co-ordinate each sub-contractor.
  • We provide sub-contractor / suppliers with all relevant information
  • We ensure the implementation of safe working procedures on site through involvement of our site managers, the managers of our subcontractors who are bound to comply with our Health and Safety policy.
  • We have a site safety representative on each site. This person is distinct form and in addition to our safety officer.

CeBIT Park Limited will ensure that constant management and review of each site with respect to our safety policy will aid the implementation of the safety & Health policy and its objectives. It is imperative that our entire Employee’s acknowledged and actively apply the measures outlined herein. It is also imperative that the Company Continually reviews the implementation of this policy and seeks to improve on it.


The purpose of this statement is promote the policy and procedures of CeBIT Park Limited in respect of the use of information Technology and to establish and promote secure, legal and ethical use of computing and electronic communications throughout the company.

CeBIT Park at its sole discretion will determine what constitutes acceptable use of the Network (I.e. hardware and software, communications system including computers, printer, modems, network cards, cabling, hubs, switches, routers and telephone systems) and reserves the right to block alter priority, or to terminate execution or access to any service or activity.

Furthermore CeBIT Park at its sole discretion may temporarily or permanently and without notice disconnect any employee’s use of the network or I.T. services.
CeBIT Park reserves the right to monitor usage of the network and may find in necessary to access and disclose information from the computer and network users accounts to the extent required by law to uphold contractual obligations
or other applicable company policies or to diagnose and correct technical problems; therefore, the privacy of messages and files cannot be guaranteed.
The IT policy and procedures are not exhaustive and all staff should use their own judgment in deciding on the appropriateness of conduct or actions not specifically referred to in this document.
The IT and procedures may be altered form time to time to reflect changes in technology and or legislation and employees will be advised accordingly.


It is the policy of CeBIT Park Limited to ensure that all staff has the requisite skills and qualifications to carry out their roles and functions.
Managers are actively encouraged to improve and update their skills by attending appropriate course and seminars. The benefit obtained from this continual professional development contributes significantly to the efficient management of our projects.
Technical staffs are recruited from top tertiary institutions. They are encouraged to engage in a professional development programme so that they can extend, improve nod build on their knowledge base.

It is our core Company policy that we identify and cultivate supervisors and mangers at an early stage and that the company plays a leading role in their development.