Communication Business Unit

Supply of World Class Cell Site and BTS Infrastructure.

1.Aviation Light (Single, Dual, Solar, 230V/48V/24V)
2. Fire Panel (Single/Dual smoke sensor, temp sensor, door sensor, hooter)
3. Free Cooling Unit (FCU) (Single/Dual, Axial/Centrifugal DC fans)
4. Multiplexer (8:24, 16:64, 18:72)
5. Solar Aviation Light (Single/Dual)
6. Lightening Arrester (Various models)
7. DC Energy Meter (4 Channel with RS485 connectivity)
8. Genset / Fuel Optimizer (FOT) (Ideal for fuel savings)
9. Battery Bank Monitoring System (Local and remote monitoring thru GSM/GPRS)
10. BTS Site Monitoring (Standalone system with GSM/GPRS connectivity)
11. Environment Monitoring & Alert –(Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Power, Smoke and send alert via SMS, Phone, e-mail, Audio Hooter)
12. Hybrid Solar System For BTS- Remote Monitoring and Web Based. A solar Telecom power system is durable, reliable and convenient; just install it wherever you need power with solar, there’s no need to worry about grid access,fuel deliveries or generator maintenance.
13. Hybrid Battery System – Remote Monitoring and Web Based.
14. Hybrid Diesel Controler
15. EcoPX Stand Alone Solar Photovoltaic System
16. Telecom Battery Stand by use
17. Telecom Battery Cyclic use
18. Telecom Battery Renewable use
19. Solar Batteries
20. Renewable Energy Solution
22. Smart Grid Applications
Supply of World Class Broad Band, CDMA, GSM,VSAT, Broadcast Communications equipment eg – GSM/CDMA Phones, Routers, towers, Shelters, Network, Satcom, Microwave IP Radios , RF and Fiber Optic cables, Wimax / Billing/ Wifi Equipment, TMAs, Repeaters, AVRs, Inverters etc
Satcom Radio
Procera Packet Logic Server